About us

NanoHouse was created with the aim to show how to turn the space available to us into place which provides quality location experience.

In recent years, there has been a shift in both view and attitude towards sustainable solutions in our everyday lives, with which we turn to solutions which provide sustainable ones in our everyday lives.The changing condititions of our modern lifestyle almost demand the alternative spaces from us. The prevalance of the environmentally-conscious and ecological aspects Environmental awareness and the prevalence of natural and the conquest of ecological trends are ever more strongly present in architecture, while the code working inside us also intensively nurtures the desire which drives us towards where we came from:
Back to nature!

NanoHouse has opted after long process of research and conscious selection for exclusive partners,who represent outstanding quality, and with whom it works, and whose products it distributes as the sole distributor.

Our products and partners

Quality design and endless functionality

A lifespan of 40-60 years shows very well that NanoHouse creates lasting value.

Its unique, timeless appearance, its direct contact with nature and the premium use of materials meet the highest quality expectations. The end uses are limited only by imagination: let that be office, meeting room, yoga studio, music room/studio, play corner or whatever else may take your fancy.

ÖÖD "Disconnect to Connect"

Disconnect yourself from the noise of the city in order to connect with nature. You can do all this in a modern and an astounding way, with the nanohouses of ÖÖD. The nanohouses melt into their environment, whether that be a crowded city square or the thick of the forest. From the mini sauna to the hotel room all thanks to the premium and unique mirror-house concept, a startup from Estonia.


KOTO, a UK-based studio founded by three young designers, create modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings, all inspired by Scandinavian culture. Over time, the brand was also inspired by the minimalist world of Japanese design, primarily focussing on functionality. Koto's buildings are of the highest level of quality. Their palette of design includes creative playhouses for children's home office spaces and residential homes.


"Why isn't there a fireplace which looks beautiful, is smoke-free, environmentally friendly,is easy to install as well as to use?"

This was the question a Swedish development engineer asked himself when he moved from a house to flat. In response to the question the VAUNI bio-fireplace was born, combining cutting-edge aesthetics and technical innovation.

For VAUNI, the most important thing is safety, not only for our own, but also that of our planet.

Our partners

We are looking for connections

Our cooperations, based on shared values, are an inspiration for both our partners and for us.
The creative energies that emerge from our projects create values that not only we, but also our clients, can pride themselves on.
The designs and designs that emerge from our cooperation are characterised by timeless quality, simplicity and functionality.


URBA is an architecture and interior design studio with offices in Budapest and Vienna. A dynamic team of 8 experienced architects, interior designers and graphic designers, who are all working on residential and commercial projects. Their mission is to create clean and modern living spaces with unique design elements, with no frills. Natural materials and innovative design are at the core of their design process. Whether it be a home, a restaurant, a retail space, a hotel or an office. We work together to create our very own nanohouses.


HANNABI design studio was formed in 2010, unique,ergonomic and tailored to personal taste couches are born in a system that is well designed and is user-friendly to customers as well. Our furniture are made by caring hands from the first to the last phase of production just like a well-designed suit with which we never want to part. We believe that life can be joyful, cosy, comfortable and valuable without cumulation. We are working a lot on making a slower, simpler, more human-scale lifestyle more popular. Design for us means the solution of a creative problem and the responsible way of building.

Who did we dream it up for?

For all those those who have a property with a garden or green area and who, in addition to outdoor amenities (pool, jacuzzi, sauna), consider it important to create quality time for themselves or for the community.

Whether it's office work from home, listening to music, yoga or just plain relaxation you can now do it all in the comfort of your own backyard, only steps away from the comfort of your home. For companies that want to adapt to changing working conditions, who want to create special work spaces (offices, meeting rooms) to enhance their status. Existing hotel companies who want to create an extravagant room close to nature and entrepreneurs who want to create a "room of nature" experience in a special just like nature setting, like the middle of a forest, on top of a hill or on the shore of a lake.